IFix iBuy Announces they are purchasing all late model Apple iPhones via their website.

Westchester County phone buyers- iFix iBuy has announced they are buying all late model Apple iPhones, new or used, through their locations throughout NY, NJ, and CT. They’re offering a unique alternative to shipping a phone to an online website and instead offer instant cash. iFix iBuy has announced they are purchasing all late model Apple iPhones via their website. The service was designed to compete with the online websites that purchase phones and then mail payments out to sellers. The advantage to iFix iBuy’s service is that those who wish to sell a new or used iPhone can easily sell their device without the worry or uncertainty that online phone purchasers carry. An iFix iBuy representative shared with us, “A big worry when people sell their phones online is whether or not they’ll actually get a payment or if that payment will be reduced. Typically, the turnaround time for online payments is slow. Most online companies have to receive, process, and examine the phone first before they’ll ever release a payment. What makes iFix iBuy unique is that we pay cash for phones on the spot. We can give a quote over the phone assuming an accurate description and then minutes later, actually pay out that customer on the spot. It’s why people prefer selling to us vs. waiting weeks doing an online sale.” A common misconception is that most phone buyers online buy new iPhones or devices that are like new condition. iFix iBuy is different though and actually purchases broken phones too. Even if a screen is cracked, camera has stopped working or the phone won’t power on, iFix iBuy will still buy the phone. Those who wish to sell an iPhone 5, 5S, 6, or 6 Plus can get a quote on http://www.ifixibuy.com To find the closest iFix iBuy location, visit their iPhone buying location finder at: http://www.ifixibuy.com/iphone-buying-service-area/ iFix iBuy is a premier provider of phone repair and phone buying services based in Westchester County, NY and offering service throughout New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Contact: iFix iBuy 137 Montgomery Cir New Rochelle, NY 10804 (914) 357-6418

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