What is PRBuzz.ae?

PRBuzz.ae is a  press releases, brand launches, interviews, news, articles and website profiles distribution service that distributes these to online social media, news sites and blogs to help customers with search engine optimization and create buzz about their posts.

Do you offer press release writing?

Yes, we do offer a variety of article writing service at a certain cost, please contact us for a quote, if needed.

What are the benefits of distributing press releases?

There are many different benefits to sending out or distributing a press release.

Here is a brief list of the most obvious benefits to press release distribution:

  • Press releases drive traffic to your website
  • Give you authority and credibility
  • Create online visibility
  • Attract new customers
  • Reach journalists for story ideas
  • Protect or repair your online reputation
  • Build your brand
  • Create SEO back links to your website.


How much traffic will come to my press release?

Press releases are posted to thousands of sites and social medias. The traffic to any one site can be as low as zero and as high as 10,000 hits per day. We have seen a very wide range of traffic depending on the keywords and importance of each press release. We have a large number of SEO companies as customers. They tend to have the most skill in crafting a press release with just the right keywords to generate the most traffic.

What makes PRBuzz.ae unique?

  1. We create viral buzz. Our website, distribution methods and techniques create more buzz than any other distribution service.
  2. We help your search engine rankings by providing real back links. 
  3. We syndicate your press release through a very large RSS network.
  4. Our web site contains the very latest SEO features and technology available. We are on the cutting edge of SEO press releases.
  5. We have the lowest cost around for this level of service and press release distribution features.

I am new to press releases. How do I write a press release?

Most of our customers are new to writing press releases and press release distribution. we do offer a variety of article writing service at a certain cost, please contact us for a quote, if needed.

Do you offer a test distribution of one press release?

You can test any of the press releases that are already on our site using "Google Webmaster Tools" or any software that you would use to test your own press release. We suggest that you test at least 10 of our press releases. Also, for best results, test press releases of different ages.

Can you send me a list of outlets that receive PRBuzz.ae press releases?

You can see some samples of where our press releases are posted online here: prbuzz.ae. We do not have a full list of the thousands of sites that include our content because we do not require anyone to register for our feeds. We also do not require anyone to report back to us if they use our content.

What are the requirements for using PRBuzz.com

You must have a well written and professional looking press release. You may not submit the same press release over and over again. Your press release must be professional, ethical and factually based. See Terms and Conditions for more details.