Want to keep your volume? Pump up the conditioner

Dubai, UAE, April 30, 2016: A lot of people think using less conditioner will pump up their volume. But it’s the opposite! The right conditioner is actually very important to maintain lightweight volume. Let’s talk about what hair needs to have true volume. It’s a combination of free roots (i.e. not flattened or weighed down) and fullness down the length. Each hair strand has a complex internal structure and when sections of it are damaged, the hair begins to collapse in on itself. Making hair weak, thin, straggly. So if you want your hair to have true lightweight fullness all the way to the ends, you need to keep it healthy inside and out. And while some conditioners may just create the illusion of volume, Pantene conditioner helps maintain true volume from root to tip. Even for girls with fine hair! How? The Pro-V formula in Pantene conditioner protects each hair strand right to the core, helping it to stand strong over time. Allowing you to have more uniform volume from top to bottom. So if you want fuller hair, definitely do NOT skip the conditioner! Expert Tip: “For fine hair, applying conditioner the right way is essential. Use your fingers like a comb to apply conditioner from the upper section of your hair, near the roots, and work it down towards the ends. That way your hair can be full of volume from root-to-tip and not dragged down by damage.” — Dr. Jeni Thomas, Pantene Senior Scientist

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