Two Debut Films Infiltrate Three Countries With World Premieres at Tokyo International Art Fair

World Wide Web - April 19, 2016 The 9th Wave Gallery proudly announces the release of "Sleeping" and "What Is 9thWaveGallery". The World Premiers are infiltrating the Tokyo International Arts Fair as fan favorites. Jay Celat, is the CEO, owner and founder of the 9th Wave Gallery. Now a prominent film producer, Jay Celat will be showing the two films in three countries. The two world premieres at the Tokyo International Art Fair are sponsored by the Global Art Agency and the festival debut will take place on the 13-14 of May, 2016. The city of Tokyo will be playing host to hundreds of talented artists from all around the world. Art Fair organizers Joëlle Dinnage and her business partner Natal Vallvé of the Global Art Agency are committed to making the free two-day art extravaganza a versatile art happening for the locals of Tokyo. The festival will offer a huge variety of artwork, where every visitor can discover something to suit their style, all in an affordable price-range to buy and to take home on the day. "Sleeping" and "What Is 9thWaveGallery" were shot on location in Hawaii and Japan and feature the president of Volcom, who is Japans own, Eddie Miyoshi. Eri Nishikami (Beach Press/ Go Naminori) , Ben Wei (50/50, GoPro,VolcomAmbassador), Brian Helfand (SanDiego Artist) , Patrick Parker ( Hawaii Artist ), Nao Morigo ( Japan Artist ) , ArtByEoin ( Ireland Artist ) Alex Cox ( artist Hawaii), and Justin Hautamaki (Hawaii artist ), James Skerritt (Director London), Jay Celat ( Producer Hawaii/Japan) will also be on hand. Musical scores will be by Paddy Mulcahy, Asciento , BlixaBargeld Bargeld , Nine Inch Nails and Ben Wei. More than 150 exhibitors from over 40 countries of the world will be filling the venue with art displays and more art pieces than ever before, gathered under one roof, for visitors to admire, and to buy in the city’s largest Artist showcase of modern and contemporary art. Learn more by visiting Media Contact : Jay Celat Phone 808 599 0158 hawaii 090 6406 9630 Japan Email :

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