Tushi Launches Watch with Finger Touch Heart Rate Monitor

All New Calorie Counter Watch from Tushi with Advanced Features 18th April 2016- Tushi introduces brand new touch watch with latest features to monitor heart rate, calorie count and alarm. This calorie counter watch has multiple uses. It has five different operation modes and it can be used while running, walking and exercising. The first mode of this calorie counter watch is the clock mode which displays the hour, minute and seconds. The second mode shows the alarm mode which displays five different types of alarms which can be set by the user. The third mode allows the users to monitor at least 35 laps with the stop watch mode. The exercise mode is another feature in this calorie counter watch that can monitor the exercise time, amount of calories burned, heart rate and calorie consumption. Heart rate mode is the fifth feature of this watch which helps to read the heart rate and set the heart rate limits. Tushi calorie counter and heart rate monitor watch works on finger touch and it is water resistant upto 30 meters. This multi functional sports watch is available on amazon.com. Based on a recent review of a buyer, “This is a full-featured sports watch for tech lovers. I loved all the features although some of it is really complicated. It has simple programming features though. It has a rubber band with a medium sized face that fits onto your wrists. It is water resistant too. It really helps a lot while exercising as I can now keep tab on my heart rate and calories. It is a must have gadget for all those who love to exercise.” Tushi heart rate monitor watch includes a user manual. The wrist band has several tiny holes which can be adjusted accordingly. The read outs are accurate and precise. There is an hourly chime with the alarm mode along with five different alarm tones. Switching between modes is quite easy on this stop watch. A monochrome LCD screen is included in the dial of the watch with a black vinyl band. To know more about calorie counter watch, please log on to: http://goo.gl/v4gEAX Use promo code: HD3UWB58 and get 25% OFF as a Launch special. About Tushi Finger Touch Heart Rate Monitor Watch Tushi Finger Touch Heart Rate Monitor watch is an all featured sports watch with several features. It can monitor heart rate; consumption of calories, alarm clock stop watch and so forth. It is available on amazon.com Media Contact 1001 Enterprise LLC 3 Grogans Park, Suite 102 The Woodlands, TX 77380 United States Email: admin@tushi.rocks http://goo.gl/v4gEAX

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