Toronto Actress Uses New Online Technology to Take Stage at World-Famous Chinese Theater

Camille Hollett-French to perform at coveted acting industry showcase MonologueSlam’s inaugural event in Los Angeles, after beating hundreds of applicants by auditioning from home on video chat website On Tuesday, May 3rd, as part of the annual Britweek celebrations in LA, UK-based actors’ advocacy Triforce Creative Network present the first US edition of their highly praised MonologueSlam competition, and few are more excited about it than Camille Hollett-French, an actress flying in from Toronto for the opportunity. The event, which aims at promoting diversity in casting - a hot topic following the #OscarsSoWhite discussions - and showcasing the best in undiscovered talent, pits twenty actors against the clock, performing 1 minute or 3 minute monologues in front of an audience made up of the general public… and highly credible judges from the industry’s top talent agencies such as CAA, ICM, Don Buchwald, Authentic and Untitled, along with casting directors that include Claudia Lyon (VP of Casting at ABC for Scandal, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Devious Maids) and David Rapaport (Arrow, The Flash). For many actors, getting in front of these big names is something of a dream, let alone having them see you perform. This is even harder if an actor lives outside of one of the major film hubs of LA or New York. Fortunately though, Camille Hollett-French learned of the opportunity through video chat website and was able to audition from home just by using her webcam and the system. WeRehearse is designed to help actors rehearse their auditions and scenes with other actors all over the world, but attracted the support of TV Star Jimmy Akingbola (Baron Reiter from CW’s Arrow) who opted to use the system to cast the net wider to find talent for his MonologueSlam showcase. Akingbola has been running Triforce Creative Network and MonologueSlam for a number of years alongside his own successful acting career. After seeing actors from all over the world audition for him online, after a grueling day of in-person auditions in LA, Akingbola said “It’s been great meeting the members of WeRehearse, the standard has been very high.” He and his fellow judges later picked Hollett-French (who previously starred in horror film Kingdom Come) to perform. Upon hearing of her selection, Hollett-French quoted: “I love the culture of sharing that WeRehearse promotes. I love that I can connect with people in the same city or on the other side of the planet, at any time of day. And I love the fact that I can do that without having to put pants on. “When I auditioned, I had just gotten out of the shower, hair wet, my place in disarray behind me on the screen. I actually didn't think I'd have time to audition because I was running late, but a very good friend reminded me because he had been encouraging me to do it. “I'm super excited for the competition. I love visiting LA. Its such a great city full of so many like-minded individuals and so many opportunities.” Clearly, her talent shone through the disarray and new doors are set to open for her and the other contestants on an international stage, one of the most famous venues in the world, the TCL Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard. For the acting community at large, it is encouraging to know that there are companies and people out there like TriForce, WeRehearse and Jimmy Akingbola that are doing what they can to bridge the gap, promote diversity and bring opportunities using their networks and technology to a place where everyone can access and talent will ultimately prevail. About Camille Hollett-French: Camille Hollett-French is an actor and writer, currently based in Toronto and represented by Play Management. She is a member of ACTRA’s ethno-culturally diverse database, and a winner of the 2013 Margie Haber ISP. Her screen credits include White Knight, Reign and Kingdom Come. She will be performing Cowboy Mouth by Sam Shepard at MonologueSlam LA. About MonologueSlam: MonologueSlam is a competitive industry showcase set up by UK actors Jimmy Akingbola and Fraser Ayres through their company TriForce Creative network, built on inclusivity, not exclusivity, aiming to foster opportunity, access and diversity through their events, classes, shows and press. About WeRehearse: WeRehearse is Video Chat for Actors, available online and in a soon-to-be-released iPhone app. The idea created by actors Jessica Rose, Darren Darnborough and Richard Cambridge helps actors rehearse their scenes or get advice on-demand from other experienced actors and coaches around the world through video technology. Dubbed as the uber-for-actors it brings opportunity everywhere and is used by many successful actors to prepare their roles.

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