TogetherWear Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Hugging Hoodies

Together Wear is the world's first hugging hoodie brand , featuring back pockets for hands to stay warm while hugging. The Chukcha Group , creator of TogetherWear, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the production and distribution of this special item that helps "share the warmth of love." Couples will find that this hugging hoodie offers warmth and convenience as well as an attractive appearance. As the world's first high-quality, cozy hoodie with special hugging back pockets , TogetherWear is designed to bring people closer. All hoodies are made of only the highest quality materials in America and stand as a symbol of love, unity and confidence of never being alone. The brand idea was generated when two people, hugging in the park, realized that there was a better way to stay warm and still share closeness. TogetherWear was created by the same company that produces hoodies for active people such as ocean and mountain adventurers. With high-quality construction and materials, TogetherWear stands up to tough use, even when wearers are engaged in active sports and activities. Designed to bring people closer, TogetherWear features convenient back pockets to keep hands warm while hugging as well as a snug hood, front pocket and drawstring closures. Comfortable and convenient to wear, TogetherWear not only feels great but looks great, as well. As seen at , the Kickstarter campaign offers pledge levels from $5 to $500, with rewards including hugging hoodies and t-shirts as well as other prizes. For more information on the specific rewards associated with each pledge level, review the Kickstarter page. For every pledge made by donors, the group will also donate $1 to feed hungry children around the world. About TogetherWear: Produced by a reputable clothing company and combining the best in high-quality construction and convenience, the TogetherWear hugging hoodie allows lovers to stay close and stay warm at the same time. The Chukcha Group, creator of TogetherWear, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the production of this special item. Contact: Contact Person: Artem Glebov Company: Together Wear Address: Los Angeles, California, United States Email: Phone: +17862711857 Website:

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