The Center For The Study Of Race, Politics & Culture (Csrpc) And Black Tech Mecca Presents

Chicago, IL - April 14, 2016 - The Center for the Study of Race, Politics & Culture (CSRPC) and Black Tech Mecca unite to present John Lee [Hacker], in the first program highlighting the history of black people in technology. The talk will take place Wednesday, April 27, 2016 at 6:30 pm at CSRPC, 5733 South University Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60637. John has recently finished duties as writer/producer on the show "Bugged Out" for MTV , a modern day take on Jackass using technology to prank people that will air Summer, 2016. A director of music videos for major labels and indie artist, he has also directed music video specials for Starz! and directed extensive visual work for the Miley Cyrus tour. In 2008, He was collaborated with Melvin Van Peebles on Confessions of an Ex-Doofus-Itchy-Footed Mutha as cinematographer. John operates several entrepreneurial interests in technology and consumer products, an AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered music video generator for music artists called MVGEN, a powerful open-source intelligence (OSINT) engine that gathers global information and correlates it in Atlas 11, and a coffee nootropics cold brew called Hacker's Brew, hitting grocery store shelves soon. While John also happens to be internationally renowned computer hacker, he is also a security expert who has spent hours doing forensics and tracking down criminals in remote parts of the world. He has featured on the cover of magazines like Wired, and featured on CBS TV’s 60 minutes for his hacking acumen and derring-do. Straight out of Brooklyn, John Lee (aka John Threat) is a writer/director, technologist and entrepreneur. He is repped by Mad Rux for directing. The Center for the Study of Race, Politics and Culture (CSRPC) was established in 1996 under the direction of Professor Michael Dawson. From its inception, faculty, students, and staff who have been involved with the Center have been committed to establishing a new type of research institute devoted to the study of race and ethnicity, one that seeks to expand the study of race beyond the black/white paradigm while exploring social and identity cleavages within racialized communities. Black Tech Mecca is a collaborative community initiative that is building a thriving black tech ecosystem in Chicago by strengthening connections, quantifying impact, and directing growth for individuals, community organizations, and companies. “The whole story starts in 1989, months before the Martin Luther King Day crash of AT&T. The whole mess, grew into a world-class electronic gang war fought by hackers from New York City to Texas. An anonymous member of the Legion of Doom calls a member of the Masters of Deception a "nigger"- and in the loose-knit hacker underground, nothing is the same again.” – Michelle Slatalla and Joshua Quittner, Wired Magazine 12.01.94 John Lee, a.k.a. John Threat, used the name “Corrupt” as a member of Masters of Deception (MOD), a New York based hacker group in the early ’90s. As a result of his participation in the Great Hacker War, between MOD and rival hacker group Legion of Doom, he was indicted on federal wiretapping charges in 1992. He pled guilty and was sentenced to one year at a federal detention center. His participation in the Great Hacker War landed him on the cover of Wired Magazine in 1994. Floyd Webb 312-725-0667 708-704-1482

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