SWASCAN, the first online platform of IT Security on Cloud

SWASCAN now online as the first web platform of IT Security services, completely in Cloud, verifies the reliability of web sites and web applications, the safety and quality of the applications source code as well as the strength of your own network. SWASCAN started with an idea of Raoul Chiesa and has been later developed by Business Competence, a well-known software house in Milan, which immediately understood its high potential. The platform is different from its competitors because of a newly inserted tool dedicated to the analysis of the source codes in addition to several services like Web App Scan, Network Scan and Code Review as well as vulnerability analysis and examination to market standards compliances in Network and web-based applications field. Raoul Chiesa declares: "SWASCAN goes beyond the so-called Vulnerability Scanner as it bridges their gaps with an operating model based on Cloud services only. It is an unique and essential tool for freelancers operating in ICT Security as well for big companies and small-medium sized enterprises that up until now had a very limited access to such services, because of their often high price". SWASCAN was selected as main partner of the third edition of Cybersecurity Congress 2015 in Sibiu (Romania), an international event attended by the national CERT as well as the main institutions involved in protecting information and fighting against Cybercrime (i.e. UN International Telecommunication Union, SRI, Cybercrime Police, etc....). A beta version of the platform is available at URL www.swascan.com. Raoul Chiesa is the President of "Security Brokers", founding member of CLUSIT, member of the Board of Directors of ISECOM, of OWASP Italian Chapter and of Italian Observatory on Safety & Privacy (AIP/OPSI). He is the coordinator of APWG.EU (Anti-Phishing Working Group) Italian chapter. In 2003 he started a partnered with UN agency UNICRI (United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute) on HHP (Hackers Profiling Project). In 2015 he joined the Roster of Experts of ITU that is linked to the United Nations and is located in Geneva. Further more, he is advisor of six different Ministries of French Government through UN ADETEF project. Business Competence is a software house based in Milan. It won the prestigious "Innovation award 2015" given by Italian Confcommercio and the "Webby Awards 2015" in New York. In 2015, Business Competence reached the finals of GMIC in Silicon Valley. It took part in the European Web Summit held in Dublin in 2014 as the Web Developer Team.Moreover, Business Competence received an honourable mention in 2014 by British Interactive Media Association and won the bronze medal at the LovieAwards 2014 in London. Sara Colnago is CEO and co-founder of Business Competence; she received the "Women Entrepreneur of the Year" award at the SMAU 2013 and the Mention with Honours as "Innovative Woman 2014" due to her great contribute in Social Media sector. Swascan +39. 027862700 info@swascan.com www.swascan.com

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