Reviewers Rave about why Microfiber Sheets is the biggest Technological wonder in Sleep Science

My Perfect Nights SIX PIECE Microfiber QUEEN Size Bed Sheet Set Proves Popular Among Amazon Shoppers In order to improve sleeping habits, experts advised everyone to replace their old bed sheets with a microfiber pillow. They recommended the My Perfect Nights’ SIX PIECE Microfiber QUEEN Size Bed Sheet Set, which has been recently launched on Amazon and has found an increasing number of faithful customers. Sleeping helps improve the immune system, according to a study conducted by researchers at the University of California. Results of study found that the risk of getting cold or other infection increases for people who sleep at around five or fewer hours a night. The likelihood of someone who sleeps five hours or less to catch a cold is 28% higher that a person with the health dose of sleep. For people who have been diagnosed with a sleeping disorder, the chances of getting infected jumps to as much as 30% than people with normal length of sleep. To help people get sufficient and uninterrupted sleep, scientists recommended a new technological wonder in the world of sleep science – the Microfiber Sheet! With more than 500 sets being sold every week, My Perfect Nights’ SIX PIECE Microfiber QUEEN Size Bed Sheets Set is now the fastest selling bed room item on Amazon! Reviews on the product rave about its hypoallergenic properties. My Perfect Night’s microfiber queen Size Bed sheet is made from hypoallergenic cotton microfiber that is perfect for people with hypersensitivities. Because it is 100% cotton, the SIX PIECE microfiber bed sheet does not contain any harmful chemicals that are very common in bed sheets that are made from synthetic fibers. Furthermore, it is the only one that has dust mites resistant property that repels asthma and allergy causing dust mites away. Another unique thing that sets the SIX PIECE Microfiber QUEEN Size Bed Sheet Set from ordinary bedding sets queen is its ability to stay comfortable despite the climate. Being made from 100% natural cotton fiber, it is known for being cool in warm weather, and warm during cold ones. The secret is it allows air to pass and circulate through its fabric, allowing the air to moderate the temperature of the bed. My Perfect Nights is now causing another stampede from excited shoppers! My perfect Nights is giving away free pillow cases that are made from the same luxurious cotton materials that the microfiber sheet. Aside from the free pillows, My Perfect Nights will also give a discount to everyone who will order within the next 30 days! MEDIA CONTACT: My Perfect Nights 314-703-1218 Wildwood, MO 63005

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