'Potato man' lost 70 pounds in 100 days

Here’s news for all those who are battling your bulge. This person has shed significant kilos and has toned himself down only by consuming potatoes. Andrew Taylor ate nothing but potatoes for the last 100 days. The 36-year-old Australian says, he is just a quarter of the way into his challenge to eat a potato-only diet for one year, and he’s already lost 70 pounds and is experiencing fewer episodes of clinical depression, reports the website. He is medically a lot fitter, too, he claims. Not only does he sleep better and has better energy, his blood cholesterol has lowered, according to the report. Taylor exercises six days a week and takes B-12 supplement. However, not all medics support his approach, with a doctor suspecting that he “could be losing calcium in his bones or suffering from an iron deficiency”.

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