New Release of Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder

Save disk space - find and delete similar and duplicate images easily. MindGems Inc. - a well known vendor of duplicate finders and PC optimization tools has released version of its popular duplicate photo finder tool - Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder (VSDIF). VSDIF has gained enormous popularity among professional photographers and everyday users as it goes beyond the functionality provided by the standard duplicate finders available on the market. While MindGems even provides a standard duplicate file finder for free the dedicated VSDIF tool includes the so called "Visual Comparison" feature. This feature makes the tool capable of finding similar photos stored in any image file format which is impossible using even the most advanced duplicate finders available on the market. What makes VSDIF even stronger is the huge amount of image types that it supports. The supported popular image formats are well over one hundred while the RAW support includes more than three hundred file types. A free demo of the new release can be downloaded here: Duplicate Photo Finder The list of new features and improvements in this release is not very long as the tool is quite polished for its more than ten years presence on the market. It already includes all the features that one could expect from such tool - filtering options, auto-selection, folder comparison, EXIF support, sidecar files support, advanced move/delete options that can recreate a source folder structure in the target location, various sort options based on all the available image properties like sizes, dates, dimensions, names and so on, options to search for similar images based on a pre-loaded sample and many more. More prominent additions to include a context menu in the folders list that makes it easy to disable/enable "self scan", include/exclude a folder form "auto-check" and remove from list multiple folders together. The first option tells the tool not to compare the items within a folder with each other - compare them only with items in other folders. The second and third one are quite clear - excluding a folder from "auto-check" will not mark the items from that folder when using the automatic duplicate selection feature which by default selects the oldest images with the lowest quality and image size for deleting. Speaking of auto-check this release also includes and option to automatically mark "Images with longer file names". This comes handy if one wants to get rid of the "Copy (X) of....JPG" named copies of the same file. The results list provides two extra features that are useful when working with large image databases in order to remove the already cleaned and sorted groups - "Remove from list" which works on images and "Remove group from list" which removes entire groups. MindGems Inc. provides market-leading freeware and commercial products for home and business use since year 2001. End user disk management and maintenance tools likeDuplicate File Finder and Folder Size are available along with corporate solutions like Visual Similarity Duplicate Image finder that are used by stock photography websites and healthcare applications. MindGems' tools are used by more than ten million users around the globe and are reviewed and published on all major software websites and magazines including ZDNet, CNet, PCWorld and PCMagazine. The company’s products come pre-installed on several brands of desktop and laptop computers. For Media Contact: Linda Thompson Email id: Website: Langley BC Canada

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