New Novel Delivers Valuable Financial Planning Information Through Experience of Young Adult

In her debut novel, entitled How Ally Found Her Financial Freedom, author Dora DeLellis integrates financial planning solutions into the life of her main character, a young professional struggling to get out of debt. Released on May 1, 2016, How Ally Found Her Financial Freedom is available for $5.99 as an ebook on and Smashwords. The book begins with Ally making another purchase she knows she truly doesn’t need. Deep in debt, she recognizes her dilemma and seeks the help of a wise role model, a family friend, to help her learn about managing her finances. Her mentor imparts valuable financial advice, and combines it with career and life skills. DeLellis explores deeply ingrained money patterns and propels the character's transformation. The concepts of wealth optimism are balanced by the jagged realities of life in the absence of a solid financial plan. DeLellis doles out the worst-case scenarios and alleviates them by providing the reader with feasible solutions. About Dora DeLellis: A CPA and CFP® with more than thirty years of experience in accounting and taxation, DeLellis aims to present financial literacy topics in relatable fictional scenarios. She has also published a companion short story, Jake's Financial Transformation, available on and Smashwords. Contact Information: 516-330-4945

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