New Book by Gary Hargrave: Obtain the Promises

LOS ANGELES, CA, April 26, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Living Word Publications is pleased to announce the release of the latest book by Gary Hargrave, Obtain the Promises. The intent of each message in this book is to ignite the reader's drive to see every promise in God's Word brought into reality as an experience today. In the book's introduction, Hargrave writes: "Every Word from God is a reality that was provided by Christ's victory on the cross. But somehow, somewhere, someone has to literally appropriate the promises and bring that provision into reality as our experience in the earth today. This is the drive that is imparted as you read the chapters in Obtain the Promises." Gary Hargrave is the senior pastor of The Living Word Fellowship, an international group of churches patterned after the early Church as it is described in the New Testament. Hargrave has a passion for promoting the maturity of the individual believer and works to promote the oneness of the worldwide Body of Christ. Review copies of Obtain the Promises may be available to publishers and/or book review editors upon request. For more information, contact About Living Word Publications Living Word Publications is a ministry of The Living Word, the publishing house of The Living Word Fellowship. The Living Word was established in 1968 out of a vision to capture, preserve, and publish the teachings of John Robert Stevens. The Living Word continues in its ministry today--carefully recording, editing, and publishing teachings of Stevens' successor, Gary Hargrave, and others who teach and minister the Word. Visit for more information.

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