New Blog Post Explains Why Travelers Must Use Travel Sentry

This article explains why using Travel Sentry authorized locks is beneficial to air travelers. TSA Approved luggage locks are safely removed by security officers and re-locked after bag inspections.rnAll luggage worldwide is screened at airports after check-in before they are loaded on to airplanes.rnWith increasing threats from terrorists and heightened security globally, more bags have to be opened by security officers without the traveler being present.rnIf a suitcase is locked and does not carry the TSA accepted red diamond logo, the security officer will be forced to break the lock or cut it open to look inside. The bag is then completely insecure when it arrives at the destination airport and is much more liable to having items stolen on the baggage claim belt and in transit to the final destination.rnLuggage that is secured with Travel Sentry Approved locks can be opened by officers with a master key much faster. What is more, once the bag has been inspected, they often a note inside the bag to say that it has been opened and inspected and they will then re-secure the lock.rnThese bags are then safe when they arrive at the other side for collection or onward transfer.rnThere are over 250 million Travel Sentry Approved locks in circulation and the Travel Sentry Scheme is now recognised in most major countries.rnEvery year over 25 million bags are mishandled or lost so keeping the contents secure is an increasing priority.rnProducts such as the Ody Travel Gear TSA Approved Travel Sentry approved locks which come in a zinc casing, are an example of a TSA Approved lock. This particular best selling lock comes in a twin pack and has a cable which threads through all zippers and fits all brands of suitcase. It has a 3 dial combination which users can change to their own unique code. These particular locks come with 2 luggage tags.rnThe Ody Travel Gear Locks are available on a promotion on Amazon. All Ody Travel Gear products come with a one hundred percent no questions asked money back lifetime guarantee.rnOdy Travel Gear™ provides quality travel items for discerning travelers. All products come with No Questions Asked Money Back Lifetime Guarantees. The company is founded on an ethos of premium quality products backed up with world class customer service. Products are available to buy on or securely on their Amazon Store Why Use Travel Sentry Locks for Traveling - additional information, contact:rnBrenda Johnsonrnmedia@odytravelgear.comrn(707) 813 2275 rnDeerfield Beach Florida

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