Looking for that perfect cup of coffee? Kitchen Supreme launches a modern version French Press

Kitchen Supreme launches a kitchen gadget for lovers of gourmet coffee. Amazon’s most loved kitchen brand Kitchen Supreme proudly announces the launch of the French Press Coffee and Tea Maker Complete Bundle that will please any coffee lover. Combining the elegance and simplicity of the classic French Coffee Press with manufacturing advances, this modern version creates the ideal brewing system. The French Press uses a coarser grind of coffee beans than automatic drip machines because a 4-screen system filters the grounds instead of a paper filter. This new design prevents any grounds getting in your coffee and ensures an incredibly smooth cup of coffee. The grounds steep for 90 seconds up to four minutes to deliver a personalized brew strength based on your coffee-drinking preferences. “The French Press uses the classic but effective method of brewing coffee, delivering a rich coffee without filtering out the aromatic oils that deliver unique flavors and tempting aromas” says Frank Williams, CEO at Kitchen Supreme. “You'll never go back to a generic brew after tasting the difference that classic French brewing technology delivers.” If you plan on using your French press every day, it should be made of practical materials. The Press is made of heat-resistant durable borosilicate glass. This is the only type of glass conceived to resist thermal shocks, so it will never crack. The plunger, frame and filters are stainless steel. A 4-filter screen system prevents any grounds getting in your cup, making it ideal for coffee drinkers who know how to appreciate purity, flavor and consistency. “I absolutely love my Kitchen Supreme French Press! I recently became concerned about the use of plastics with hot water when making my coffee (also landfill waste). A French press seemed like a solution but I had no idea just how great it would turn out to be. My coffee is a MILLION times better using this! The directions are very easy to follow and result in an amazing cup of coffee. I also get that cream you typically only see in coffee shops. I use coarse ground coffee grinds and I get in a creamy, full-bodied cup of coffee. I HIGHLY recommend this press for casual and serious coffee drinkers!” says a happy customer. A great advantage is that the French Press can also be used as a Tea Press, and this is surprisingly one of the best ways to brew tea. Even better you can also prepare frothed milk, hot chocolate, fruit infusions, almond milk, cashew milk, plant tinctures, lemonades and even rinse quinoa. The Complete Bundle contains the French Press, 4 Filter Screens and detailed step-by-step directions on how to use the press. You also get three bonus items: a Unique Spoon made from thick stainless steel for honey, sugar and dessert, a Coffee/Tea Scoop, and some tips and tricks to making great coffee. Kitchen Supreme offers a 5-year warranty plus a 100% money back guarantee, enabling customers to enjoy the French Press with confidence and without risk. About Kitchen Supreme The brand was created in 2013 and is the result of its two co-founders’ passions: kitchen items and gadgets. The company’s unique products are especially designed to stand out and most importantly, be efficient. The exclusive Kitchen Supreme products are #1 Bestsellers in their categories on Amazon. Selling time, joy and health, the company reached over 150k customers in less than two years. Offering world-class customer service, Kitchen Supreme’s success recipe is to listen to customer feedback and implement it straightway. Find out more about Kitchen Supreme on http://www.kitchen-supreme.com/

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