Kiddlywinks Baby Bandana Bibs – Say Goodbye to Boring Bibs

Los Angeles, CA - (PRBuzz) - 25/04/2016 Tired of covering your baby’s cute outfits with boring bibs? Baby’s dribble can quickly soak clothes and cause painful rashes and mothers often find themselves having to choose between constantly changing outfits or making their little one wear uncomfortable waterproof bibs. Now there is another choice. Bandana bibs are becoming increasingly popular because of their unique design. These bibs consist of two layers, the top layer is composed of 100% super soft cotton, and the bottom layer is an ultra-absorbent polyester fleece. Unlike typical baby bibs made out of cheap plastic, these dual-layered bibs will keep your baby dry while still looking ultra trendy. A new set of designer bandana bibs featuring unisex designs and attractive animal motifs has just been launched. Kiddlywinks Bandana Bibs are versatile as they come in a selection of four adorable designs, which will compliment any outfit, and have adjustable snaps to fit babies and toddlers up to 24 months. Made from high quality materials, they will maintain their shape, color and texture through machine washing and can be machine dried on the cool cycle. All the seams are enclosed, giving a smooth tailored finish that wears well and stays softer for longer. As one customer explained “Now my son can wear the same outfit all day, which massively cuts down on the laundry pile. And on top of that he looks gorgeous.” An added benefit is that these cute bibs are backed by a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. For further details or to buy Kiddlywinks Baby Bandana Bibs please visit

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