Jane Fielder Unveils A Fresh New Approach To Fighting Phobias And Fears

April 4, 2016 – Perhaps every individual on earth has their own sets of fears or phobias. For others, flying on an airplane can be a dreadful experience, while others have deep-seated fears about spiders or any crawling insect, and some are scared of heights. And while there are different ways for treating phobias, a fresh and new approach is now being seriously considered for completely eliminating it, and it's through hypnosis. Read more to find out. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A primal fear of spiders. A deep-seated fear of flying. These are but a few of the many fears and phobias that many people face, and struggle with, in their daily life. But how a treatment mode for phobias and fears works, will partly depend on the severity of the problem. Most health experts agree that some phobias “are never completely cured”, thus they are suggesting that therapy can help the individual to learn to function immediately. Among the different types of therapy promoted today include desensitization, graded exposures, biofeedback, attending phobia clinics and support groups, and using several types of medication. However, there's a new and refreshing form of phobia treatment offered today, and it's one that helps the individual “unlearn” negative habits and behaviours, or even fears. The unique treatment form is called hypnotherapy for weight loss. According to Jane Fielder, a noted hypnotherapist of the Australian Hypnotherapist Association, hypnosis “is a naturally-occurring state, just like the moment before you totally wake up in the morning, when your unconscious mind has bypassed the critical factor of the conscious mind, and thereby assisting the individual to make positive changes in their life”. Contrast this fresh new approach to the usual methods, like taking drugs and medications. Most doctors often prescribe a class of antidepressants called SSRI's or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, and example of these include Paxil, Prozac, Lexapro and Zoloft, which can be helpful in treating social phobias, but only in the short term. However, careful monitoring is required with using these medications, because they can interact with other medicines like decongestants, antidepressants and other drugs that can raise blood pressure. In a survey of psychotherapy literature that was published in the American Health Magazine, the therapeutic recovery rates for psychoanalysis was pegged at 38%, after 600 sessions. Behavior Therapy had a success rate of 72% after 22 sessions, while hypnotherapy had a 93% recovery rate after just 6 sessions. Jane Fielder further adds that hypnosis is a totally natural process, and it works. A hypnotherapist often utilizes it as a primary tool for helping clients to achieve their goals in life, as well as for eliminating their fears and phobias. A hypnotherapist also differs from other therapists because they focus on the role of the subconscious behaviors and influence on the person's life. To learn more about hypnotherapy, and how it works, log on to adelaidehypnosiscentre.com.au today. You can also call Jane now on 8366 6581 to book your individual hypnotherapy Adelaide session.

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