Jacksonville's Bowden Eye & Associates Offers More Than Just Vision Care

Bowden Eye & Associates (www.bowdeneye.com), a Jacksonville-based vision center, continues to expand its offerings for patients beyond typical optometry and ophthalmology services. Patients can now visit the practice for ocular surgery procedures, audiology services, and cosmetic procedures. According to practice leaders, this has proven to be a great way to expand existing relationships with patients. "Our primary mission is to deliver premier vision care in the region," Dr. Frank Bowden says. "But maintaining a personal connection with patients is a big priority for us, too. We've realized that offering cosmetic and audiology services helps our patients take care of many of their other healthcare needs, and we're happy to better serve them in this way." The variety of services is reflected among the practice's 8 physicians. Dr. Bowden and Dr. Sarah Darbandi, for example, are both fellowship-trained cornea and external disease specialists. Dr. Breno da Rocha Lima is a board-certified retina and uveitis specialist, and Robert Cabrera is a licensed hearing specialist. Dr. Darbandi says, "It's simple: We want to use our range of training and credentials to offer more to our patients." Bowden Eye & Associates offers corneal surgery, LASIK, and complimentary hearing evaluations, all of which have been popular with patients, the doctors say. With a goal of surpassing the treatments offered by an "ordinary eye doctor," they have also been making cosmetic procedures available at their Jacksonville locations. (The practice has 4 offices in Jacksonville and 3 others in northern Florida communities.) Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) is one of the top procedures at the practice, and patients also come to Bowden Eye & Associates for BOTOX injections for wrinkles and CoolSculpting treatments to eliminate stubborn fat. Laser procedures are also available, with laser skin resurfacing and laser hair removal rounding out the selection of cosmetic treatments. Dr. Bowden says the growth in treatments has been so successful because patients like the convenience of going to a single practice for multiple needs rather than having to search for separate doctors whom they can trust. "We listen to our patients," he says. "They've told us that feeling good and looking good are just as important to them as maintaining their vision, and we've responded to that. From our perspective, it's also wonderful to get to grow these relationships with patients we already care for so much." Bowden Eye & Associates (www.bowdeneye.com), one of the leading dry eye centers in the world, offers a range of ophthalmic, aesthetic, and audiology services, thanks to a diverse team of 8 physicians. Among them are 2 fellowship-trained cornea and external disease specialists, founder Dr. Frank W. Bowden and Dr. Sarah Darbandi, as well as specialists in retinal conditions, ophthalmology, optometry, and hearing. With 7 locations in Jacksonville, Orange Park, Ponte Vedra Beach, and St. Augustine, Bowden Eye & Associates is dedicated to providing northern Florida communities with premier care when it comes to eyes, aesthetics, and hearing.

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