INTERSECT of Cars and Clouds

Dubai, UAE, April 17, 2016 – INTERSECT BY LEXUS DUBAI continues to cement its status as a new cultural hub with a unique and creative collaboration with Dubai based graphic artist, Marwan Shakarchi. His design brand Myneandyours is a contemporary fusion of art, design, and graphics as he effortlessly combines them to create groundbreaking, modern pieces. The collaboration features a live art installation of a Lexus GS F, which has been transformed into a one-of-a-kind art piece through the creative vision of Shakarchi. What makes this collaboration special is the artist’s ability to fuse the ethos of INTERSECT BY LEXUS into an aesthetic composition of imagery, patterns and colours, bringing the different artistic aspects of a Lexus car to life. rnrnThe artwork is a tangible representation of the detail and precision that is put into each Lexus design, including the immaculate décor seen within INTERSECT BY LEXUS. Thus, this art installation is a fluid intersection of all things Lexus, which is at the core of the INTERSECT BY LEXUS concept. The artist also implements his own contemporary style into this work using his signature cloud motif as he feels clouds are both elusive and beautiful. He states, “Clouds are free in the sky, unbound by any law, and invite us to believe that the same is possible for ourselves.” The same concept of possibility can be seen throughout the Lexus brand, and especially within INTERSECT BY LEXUS. Thus the art installation is yet another example of how INTERSECT BY LEXUS, continues to innovate; pushing the boundaries of design though the lifestyle facets of Lexus. INTERSECT BY LEXUS is a vivid representation of the creative side of Lexus, conveying how truly progressive this brand is, and the bright future that it holds. rnrnMarwan Shakarchi explains his work as, “The essence of Myneandyours is the understanding of us as an inter-connected organism, contributing to something greater and fundamental in sustaining a brighter future for ourselves.” rnrnThe art installation is on display in the lower garage level of INTERSECT BY LEXUS for the next three months, open to the public for viewing allowing guests to view the creative eatery through a unique, artistic lens. Since it has opened in December, INTERSECT BY LEXUS has continued to become a platform for local talents and have used the dynamic space as an outlet for emerging artists within the region. It has quickly become a haven for the growing creative community of Dubai, who can use the space to showcase their work and discuss future projects.

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