Health Researchers Warn on the Dangers of Using Feather Pillows

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow beats every other kind of pillow in the market. Researchers at the James Cook University in Australia warned of the danger of using feather pillow after a study found that people who use feather pillow have the biggest risks of cervical spine injures. Cervical spine is the part of the backbone found along the neck, at the base of the skull. As the sole set of bones supporting the skull as well as various nerves inside the neck, the cervical spine is a very fragile set of bones. An injury on the cervical spine can easily result to debilitating condition such as paralysis. During the study, the researchers tested different kinds of pillows to know which one puts the cervical spine at most risk. Result of the study revealed strong indication that feather pillows are the worst type of pillow. Among the participants, the people who were asked to sleep in feather pillow reported the most signs and symptoms of impending injuries such as feeling of soreness, stiffness, and pain in the neck. Furthermore, upon close medical evaluation, researchers found varying degrees of impending injuries in the neck area that the participants did not notice. Researchers stressed that a pillow is necessary to provide protection and maintain the alignment of the cervical area of the spine. Sleeping without oneor with the wrong type may result to painful or stiffed neck. In order to avoid injuring the neck, researchers strongly advised on changing the feather pillows with Shredded Memory Foam Pillow. The shredded memory foam pillow has memory foam that easily reshapes itself based on the shape and contour of the head and neck. This type of pillow easily adapts itself to the body and neck’s alignment, creating a support that is customized to the person. Also, this pillow disperses the weight of the body, easing away the pressure that can result to pressure ulcers. Pillows are items that people usually take for granted. However, with studies like this, people are proven that carefully choosing what pillow to get can help prevent injuries. Media Contact: Graphic Connections Group 636-519-8320 Chesterfield Missouri, 63005

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