Goldpoint Consulting Firm Endorses Book Titled "Big Data Analytics Methods"

GoldPoint Consulting, a leading data analytics consulting firm has endorsed a book titled "Big Data Analytics Methods." The book is a collection of advanced analytics topics and best practices used by the consulting firm in its data analytics consulting practice. The book offers how-to tips on data mining, predictive modeling, classifiers, cluster analysis, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning. The book includes 10 chapters that study the application of data analytics to a broad spectrum of applications from marketing customer segmentation and customer sentiment analysis, to fraud detection, prediction and social media analysis. The book tackles challenges in big data analysis and offers modern techniques for improving accuracy of analytics models for prediction, classification, NLP and machine learning. It captures the latest and most modern modeling methods used by data scientists. The "Big Data Analytics Methods" book is the result of more than 15 years of experience in data analytics and informatics by Peter Ghavami, Ph.D., a leading international consultant and author of best-selling technology books ( According to Amazon’s sales records, his previous book titled Clinical Intelligence is one of the best-selling books in clinical data analytics category. The book covers topics that are important to big data management and analysis across many use-cases and industries. "There are amazing insights and opportunities in big data and predictive modeling," said Peter Ghavami, Ph.D., “This book is fun and easy to read. It’s a must read for everyone who is interested in monetizing data.” “'Big Data Analytics Methods' is an important book because it packs more than 100 analytics methods and use-cases into one handbook,” remarked Peter Ghavami, Ph.D., “Data mining and machine learning are going to unlock the information in corporate data in a big way. If we’re serious about improving revenues and reducing the costs, we must apply big data analytics techniques described in this book.” More information about the book can be found at: The book is written for IT leaders, data executives and practitioners, CIO, CTO, Chief Data Officers, IT professionals, data analysts and data scientists who want to learn modern analytics methods to analyze their big data assets, create data ingestion pipelines, and develop data analytics products. About the Author: Peter Ghavami, Ph.D. is a world renowned consultant and best-selling author of several IT books. He has been consultant and advisor to many Fortune 500 companies in the world for IT strategy, big data analytics, innovation and new technology development. His book on Hadoop data governance titled “Big Data Governance” supplements his Clinical Intelligence book. His first book titled “Lean, Agile and Six Sigma IT Management” is still widely used by IT professionals around the world. His books have been selected as text books by several universities. Dr. Ghavami has over 25 years of experience in technology development, IT leadership, data analytics, supercomputing, software engineering and innovation. He can be reached at

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