Getting Rid Of Corns And Calluses On The Toes Safely May Not Be As Difficult As People Think

Orlando, FL – April 26, 2016 - Corns and calluses affect people of any age, occupation, and status in life. There are several ways to have healthy and attractive feet without the unsightly calluses. Getting rid of corns and calluses on the toes safely may not be as difficult as people think. Calluses are hardened and thickened layers of the skin. They are normally harmless until they become painful or if they happen to individuals with conditions such as diabetes. According to the Nemours Foundation on Kids, calluses and corns typically develop from exposure to pressure and friction. There are certain factors that contribute to the development of friction and pressure, and one is wearing ill-fitting shoes. There are steps to get rid of calluses and one is to simply eliminate the source of the friction or pressure. When the source is removed, it is less likely that more calluses would develop. If ill-fitting shoes are the possible cause, then it should be avoided. It is imperative that sufferers should refrain from using sharp, metal blades that can put them at risk of wounds and cuts. There are many remedies available, and they can even seek the help from the salon professionals to have their calluses removed. Structural abnormality in the feet or toes may also cause friction. The solution is to use tailored shoe inserts or foam wedges between the toes. There are even corn pads and corrective surgical procedures that sufferers can resort to. Individuals with circulatory problems or diabetes should see their doctor first before doing anything to their calluses to prevent painful wounds and infection. According to the Nemours Foundation, sufferers may also use corn pads that contain salicylic acid. This can help shed the dead skin cells and speed up the healing process Another technique is to soak the feet in soapy, warm water for about 10 minutes. This is believed to help soften the hardened and thick skin layers, and make it easy to abrade them away. Sufferers may use pumice stone to sand calluses down. There are also electric callus removers available for individuals who want to have their calluses removed in a safe and effective manner. This product is believed to be extremely helpful in reducing or eliminating calluses. There are even those who do not go to salons and instead have their foot pampering experience right at their very own home through the use of this product. One of the most reputable electric callus removers is one offered by Naressa, which can be purchased at ( About Naressa Naressa offers high quality personal care items designed to help you look and feel your best. The team at Naressa are dedicated to provide you with a quality shopping experience with 5 star service. Our products are affordable and high quality getting you exceptional value for money. Visit to learn more about Naressa today. Natasha Edwards Website:

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