Flight attendant reveals: 7 things you shouldn't do on a plane

Flight attendants are often in auto mode giving away instructions to passengers before every flight. You need to buckle your seat belt, not smoke in the lavatory, turn your phone to 'flight mode', and many more things which you might never do. But what about passengers exposing their stinky feet? What about passengers falling asleep on your shoulder? Or what happens when you are stuck sitting next to someone who doesn't quite understand that his actions impact others around him? In our quest to understand these traumatic issues while cruising at an altitude of 36000ft, Emirates 24|7 caught up with flight attendants to list out things we must never do in a plane. Boarding menace Boarding is the most difficult time, when everyone wants to get on. Ms Jabry says, "Don't hold up the boarding process by standing in the aisle. Be considerate and think ahead how not to clog the aisle while boarding." Flight attendant Nuralia Mazlan, from JetBlue Airways says on on Quora, "Should you need to have your neck pillow, eye shades, books, ear plugs, ear phones, laptops, vanity kits, etc... please do so when everyone has settled down in their seats and not while there's a long queue of passengers trying to get to their seats as well. You are blocking the aisle and impeding the boarding process. Better yet, do it before you get into the cabin. Take out whatever you need first so you won't be blindly rummaging through your bags for your stuff." Maintain hygiene It is not always a pleasant experience flying in a jam-packed, confined area. And more so when the person sitting next to you smells like a tuna sandwich. Maintain body hygiene, not just for others sitting around you but also for yourself. Just because you paid for your ticket does not mean you can get as comfortable as you get at home. If your shoes are uncomfortable make sure you wear socks that do not smell, do not bare your feet. Don't joke Ms Jabry, a former flight attendant of a UAE based carrier says, "Please DO NOT joke about terrorism, weapons, hijacking, etc. On board a plane there is no such thing as a joke about these sentitive issues. You will cause major panic and get into serious trouble." And again, when boarding... "Don't get aggressive with the crewmembers. Should you have a problem, ask politely," says Nuralia Mazlan. "Boarding is the peak time where everyone is doing way too many things at one go. "We're liaising not just with you but with multiple, other personnel: ground staff, cockpit crews, in-flight catering, and engineering. "Everyone's fuse is short here, and since the door isn't closed yet, remember it's easier for us to call the enforcement officers and offload any, um, troublesome passengers." When cruising Please do not block the aisle. The aisle needs to be clear of any obstructions at all times, to prevent any unforeseen injuries. Mazlan says, "Someone else could trip on your legs or bags and fall down. I've tended to these types of injuries before, where a passenger trips over someone's bag, falls down, and hits the arm rest squarely on their mouth." Landing please Ms Jabry has a point here, "Everyone boards a plane to go somewhere and ultimately get off the plane, but the seat belt sign is on for some reason while the aircraft is still taxing on the runway. It's for safety of passengers and why can't they understand this simple thing." Mazlan clarufies, "I know you're eager to exit the aircraft- me too. But if I to have an injured passenger on board their health would be in jeopardy now because this other passenger refuses to obey the regulations and instead chooses to be selfish. "What if the captain brakes suddenly while taxing down the runway? You'll be thrown forward. This is not ideal for me either, as it's close to midnight and I need to go home, too. "Please be seated and we can all be on our way once the captain says the magic words you are dying to have repeated from the pre-landing check, 'cabin crew, disarm all doors and cross check'." Maintain distance You need not pretend to be a Siamese twins while sitting next to another passenger. Their shoulder or lap is not your sleeping pillow. Don't touch the crew members even though they flash the friendliest smile at you. Keep your hands off flight attendant's arm, leg or tap them, hook their clothing with a finger, elbow them, pat them and otherwise lay hands on them.

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