Fantasy Fiction Author Laura Hughes Announces YouTube Channel For Inspirational Book Series

Fantasy fiction author Laura Hughes has created a video channel that features 50 videos featuring characters and subject matter drawn from 'The Sarah Chronicles' series of inspirational books for teens. In the tradition of 'Lord Of The Rings' and 'Harry Potter', Laura Hughes builds entire worlds peopled with heroic role models that young readers find irresistible. Hughes' characters are richly drawn and teach young people important life skills and are filled with magic, monsters, legends and high adventures. Hughes works take young readers to magical lands with young and very human characters that just happen to possess special abilities. Her primary message is that young people can, through determination, overcome any challenge. "In order to share my vision of Sara's world and all the characters involved in her adventures- I present my story lines in video format often with narration in order to share the situations I have created for my characters," Hughes stated."My storyline is rich and varied, filled with many different locations and intense battles. I want to share my excitement about this unique gathering of gifted children and all they experience with everyone and hope that, by presenting this in more than one format, I can generate that excitement in others." 'The Sara Chronicles' is the first book in the series. In that book Sara's life changes dramatically one day when she is transported to the Land of the Keepers, a strange place where nothing is quite what it seems, and danger is around every bend. Sara is told by the Keepers that an evil group called the Garren have been causing trouble in the land. People have been disappearing, those that are left have begun to change dramatically from kind and loving neighbors to hateful, violent bullies. Sara is told that she has special powers given to her at birth that will help save these people. So not only does she have to discover what the power is, she has to find two children just like her who will help complete this enormous responsibility. Other books in 'The Sara Chronicles' include 'Evolution Of Us - Book 2', 'The Return - Book 3', 'Chaos, Confusion and Changing Of The Guard - Book 4', 'The Great Unknown and All That Lies Beneath It - Book 5', and 'Into Darkness We Go - Up Above And Down Below - Book 6' and 'Stories New, Stories Old - Things Re-written and Things Foretold - Book 7'. Complete information on all of her adventure books for teens is available at her website. Hughes' works have received rave reviews from readers. One stated, "A grand reading adventure for young and old alike . . .' Another said, "This book was impossible to put down . . ." The Youtube series of videos are dramatic excerpts from the books, combined with character studies that young people will find fascinating. The videos can be accessed at the Sara Chronicles Youtube channel at A free download from 'The Sara Chronicles' is available at Hughes' website. Laura Hughes is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at All of her books are available at Amazon. More information is available at her website at Laura Hughes is an enthusiastic teller of tales. Most of her time is spent thinking of new stories to tell. She has produced the entire series of 'The Sara Chronicles' books in just over 5 years.

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