Essential Oils Documentary Stirs Controversy Over Healthcare

Holy Moly Studios pre-released Ancient Secrets of Essential Oils, a fact based film about the history and healing power of essential oils to recorded shattering sales last week. The eager audience snapped up per-ordered copies of the film to be released July 7th. Why is the film doing so well? "People passionate about essential oils are very zealous. The film explains not only the history, but explores the idea that essential oils could revolutionize modern medicine," says Beverly Banks, the film's producer. Essential Oils have risen to popularity resulting in a billion dollar industry in 2015. With healthcare costs skyrocketing, more and more families are turning to holistic options for their health needs. Essential oils have been at the forefront of this movement. Ancient Secrets of Essential Oils gets to the heart of the Essential Oil controversy over modern medicine vs. natural healing, the FDA vs. Dr Moms. While not drawing conclusions, clear facts are presented that makes a good case for following in the footsteps of ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Hebrews by supporting a healthy body instead of managing symptoms. Filled with interviews from experts and medical doctors, Ancient Secrets of Essential Oils is simply looking to educate. You can find the film's trailer and pre order a copy at About Holy Moly Studios Holy Moly Studios was founded in 2014 by comedian Rich Praytor and Producer Beverly Banks. It was created for the propose of telling stories that will lead to stronger families and faith. Their mission is to create movies and documentaries that get people talking about important issues that are dealt with each and everyday. Contact: To learn more about this film please contact: Rich Praytor Office: (719) 200-8417 Beverly Banks 719-645-3366

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