Electronics 62761 hires Aflik Nuage as Chief Operating Officer

Electronics 62761 has hired Aflik Nuage as the CEO of Global operations and will be replacing Mr. James Mc Clain. founding member of the Canadian electronics chain. James will be retiring on June 1, 2015 and has known Mr. Nuage for over 15 years. When inquired about the recent spat of growth and internal struggle, Mr. McLain said that, "I am confident that Aflik will take the Canadian Chain to global heights and unite all stakeholders under one umbrella". The chain operates in Southeastern Canada and has over 30 stores, provides Infrastructure to several new stores along with a product portfolio sources from it 10 sourcing offices in China. Electronics62761 has experienced a high growth rate but has been having trouble achieving an significant profit margin due to currency fluctuations. Coupled with competition from other businesses Electronics62761 has fallen behind the Infrastructure play and needs to catch up to the competition quickly. Mr. Nuage plans to take get to work right away and will unite National and International operations under one umbrella to cut costs. China offices will also be consolidated to ensure an optimal cost structure. Alfa Nuage is planning a significant investment in Canadian retail space and plans to hire an additional 200 people and various locations across Canada. Aflik Nuage will also bring in his own technical knowledge and re-brand the products in his name. A massive Press campaign to re-introduce old products will be launched since a decline in sales has been chalked up to Poor media campaigns in the past. A large product portfolio is sitting on the shelves and an overall in distribution strategy is being developed so that the supply chain can be leveraged for expansion. Currently about 35% of the products are unknown to the store managers and an internal marketing campaign is already underway. Electronic62761 is also working on enhance it's presence on Social media which has been lacking from its marketing budget. Press Information Electronics62761 1 DUNDAS STREET WEST SUITE 2500 TORONTO ONTARIO M5G1Z3 US James Redwood Media Contact +15099834002 email www.electronics62761.com

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