Edge Perfexion Launches a New Professional 3 Stage Knife Sharpening System

Even though a knife sharpener makes it easier, lack of the top quality sharpeners makes it even more difficult to have knives with superior sharpened edges. Edge Perfexion offers the best quality manual knife sharpener that offers professional quality sharpening. With the non-slip EVA rubber base, the company makes sure that the knife sharpener does not slip on the work surface or table. Being a 3 stage knife sharpener with perfect rod angles, it can be easily used to sharpen all ceramic and steel knives, even if they’re very dull giving them a razor sharp edge. Edge Perfexion takes pride in offering a superior sharp edge to knives - manufactured in compliance with the highest quality materials. This professional manual knife sharpener can be easily used to hone chef knives, kitchen knives, hunting, fishing or pocket knives as well as garden knives. With its’ simplistic elegant design, this 3 stage knife sharpener will fit perfectly into any kitchen décor. Edge Perfexion says “It is not recommended to use serrated knives in this knife sharpener as may cause damage to the sharpening rods.” Testimonials: “If you own a knife, you should own this sharpener! I was thrilled when I received this Knife Sharpener by Edge Perfexion. First, I know it's a knife sharpener and I should not be so excited about this, but I LOVE the color - guess it's a girl thing - I can't see a man getting that excited over the color, but hey, It’s the first impression! On to more serious stuff - this knife sharpener is THE SHARPENER you need in your arsenal of kitchen tools. It has rubber grip on the bottom to keep it from slipping in use. It has three slots - coarse, fine and ceramic - that can sharpen any knife you have (well, except for serrated). And it's fool-proof to use.” By Anna B. “Every kitchen in America should have this knife sharpener! It handles every type of knife, including ceramic blades. Think about that old pocket knife your father gave you years ago. How about that knife you use in the garden or that fancy set you received last Holiday. No more trips to find professional knife sharpening services... you already have the tools for the job. This knife sharpening tool is easy to handle right-handed or left. It's designed to give the user the required leverage to handle the task at hand with minimal effort and the results are fantastic.” By Steve A – Boston. “Perfexion in the product! The Edge Perfexion knife sharpener has a fitting name. It’s perfect, it rescued my knives! The instructions on the box are well written and easy to follow and it has warning label on the plastic bag. This seller took time to inspect their product. It fits securely in its box for easy storage. It has a rubber grip bottom to keep it stable while using it. The separate sharpener slots are clearly labeled, each using different materials to sharpen your most favorite knife without damaging it. I use a lot of ceramic knives and often found other sharpeners chipped them which led to me throwing them away. This was not the case with this sharpener. It took less than a few seconds to restore my knife back to the way it cut the day I bought it. I am very pleased with this product and look forward using it regularly as it extends the life of my favorite knives. Thank you for creating such a solid product.” With such testimonials that reflect nothing but the repeated engrossment that Edge Perfexion offers with its product, the company also allows one to avail full refund if one is not 100% satisfied with the product. The best thing about this product is that it is designed and positioned in such a manner that it can be used by both the right handed and left handed persons comfortably. By Ajuhl. About Edge Perfexion: Offering the best quality knife sharpener that is perfect for the kitchen or anywhere you use knives (such as camping trips), Edge Perfexion remains one of the leading companies that manufacture the top class manual knife sharpener. Link to Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/edgeperfexion For more details, please visit http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01AI864JY

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