Dipndip Signs a 32 Million Dollar Joint Venture to Expand Globally

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 24 March 2016: dipndip – the world’s fastest growing chocolate café; has signed a 32-million-dollar deal as its next step to expand globally. The company has joined forces with Abu Dhabi based Almed company to expand globally into four new territories. With 50 cafes in 13 countries in the Middle East and Asia, dipndip continues its growth in new countries and will open cafes in Kazakhstan, Georgia, Shanghai, and Indonesia. dipndip CEO Emad Tinawi said: “We are pursuing an aggressive yet very carefully measured global expansion that will allow us to keep our quality, brand identity, and our promise to our guests whilst growing revenue.” He added: “With our main focus for expansion on Asia, we are also considering other strategic opportunities for growth. The key to our success in terms of our growth has been working with the right partners using a structure that creates a winning formula for all.” The dipndip brand is focused on creating a chocolate experience that starts with its unique tasting and artistic looking desserts. Customers can expect to experience the chocolate not only through taste but all their senses. dipndip has recently gone through a rebranding exercise that will not only elevate the brand’s positioning worldwide but also refine the experience to solidify its unique proposition.

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