Colowful’s Free Printables Makes De-Stressing Fun for Adults

World Wide Web - April 12, 2016 Adults can now have a brand new and exciting way to de-stress after a long day at work or work week—coloring! While many might think of coloring being for just kids, the truth is that coloring is beneficial to everyone, especially adults, due to their de-stressing power. ColOWLful, a company which produces specially designed and developed color pencils, is dedicated to creativity in human beings. The agency has recently revamped a section on its website which allows people to download printable pieces of art and enjoy a host of wellness benefits practicing them on paper. Parents have long found coloring to be a fabulous way to engage their children, while developing their artistic potential. To the surprise of parents and grownups alike, coloring can promote wellness through relaxation after a stressful work day or traumatic experience. Many adults in today’s day and age are hunting for new methods to rejuvenate themselves and their well-being, and coloring can be a huge part of this process. Very happy to see the rising inclination, ColOWlful’s Operations Head said, “Colowlful is an outcome of our prolonged vision – to exploit the creativity quotient in human beings. We have always been passionate about creativity and have believed that innovation kills monotony. So this is when we blended our inherent knowledge in this stream to discover the spiritual side of beings. Thankfully, our idea has clicked well and now coloring is an increasingly fond activity for both – kids as well as matures!” The printables are available in downloadable form on ColOWLful’s website and comprise of a variety of beautiful designs, expressions, animals, nature and more. By the activity of coloring individuals will experience soothed nerves and a burst in creative optimism. To learn more about this high-quality and fun product line, be sure to check out this creativity inducing line of colored pencils Amazon from the company itself or on their website for a low, very affordable price. Media Contact: Carol Momberg Email:

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