Ciba Brand’s Nursery Organizer to put everything in place for parents of infants

Solving the problem of having to rummage through the house for baby care products every now and then, Cibababy Diaper Change Organizer and Nursery Organizer is Ciba Brand’s perfect solution for both, parents and infants. Wyoming, USA (9th February, 2016) – A new born baby is definitely a source of joy to its parents. In the process of growing up, the infant needs several baby products and taking special care of, in the form of diaper changing and more. First time parents mostly fear that the baby shall be left unattended at times and others worry about misplacing baby products in their houses. Founded in 2015, Ciba Brand Company’s very first product – Cibababy Diaper Change Organizer and Nursery Organizer is the perfect solution for organizing the baby’s products and changing area. What makes the product unique is that it is the only nursery organizer which can be washed in a washing machine. The Cibababy Diaper Change and Nursery Organizer has plenty of pockets, apart from a large pocket, to store all that is needed to keep the baby smiling and trouble-free. The top shelf of the organizer is made of strong material to prevent it from bending. With supports on the sides, back and bottom, the nursery organizer has a sturdy hardware and comes in one unisex color. The frame of the organizer can be used to hang the baby’s wipes, diapers, back-up clothes and spit up towels. Made of high quality polyester, the Cibababy Diaper Change and Nursery Organizer can be washed easily and has also been designed for parents who love to travel. Apart from providing ample space for changing diapers, the product folds down to a compacted size when it is not being used. Ciba Brand believes, “A baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty.” The Cibababy Diaper Change Organizer is now available on Amazon at a launching price of only $25.95 at About Ciba Brand – Established in December 2015 in Wyoming, USA, Ciba Brand is registered under ID 2015 – 00701052. The company itself was created by Mishka and Paul Ciba, parents of 2.5-year-old Samuel. They too were in the position of searching for something to organize all equipment necessary to take care of a baby - and that all in tiny room in addition. Cibababy is the first product of Ciba Brand Company. It has been invented to fulfill all parental needs and requirements. Ciba Brand is starting and fresh company with huge potential. One of its major goals is to evolve and to grow. Media Contact: Company Name : Ciba Brand LLC Website : : +447495498751 email : City: Wyoming, ID 2015 – 00701052

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