Article Written by Veterinarian Lists Symptoms of Pain in Cats

THREE RIVERS, Calif., April 29, 2016, - In an article written by veterinarian Christianne Schelling, pain in cats is discussed. The article explains that cats have a tendency to hide symptoms of pain and illness. Knowing some of the subtle ways that cats may display pain is important for catching problems early so they can be treated. “I want people to understand how cats show pain,” Dr. Schelling said. “Identifying an illness or injury early can be the difference between successfully treating it or not.” Limping, excessive grooming, and hiding are a few of the potential pain behaviors discussed in the article. A warning never to give cats any medications without speaking with your veterinarian first is included. is a popular website filled with information about cat health, behavior, and training. You can see the article here: “How to Tell If Your Cat Is in Pain.” About Aquanta, LLC: Dr. Christianne Schelling, a veterinarian with a huge interest in human and animal health and wellness, established Aquanta, LLC. Located at the base of the Sequoia National Forest in Three Rivers, Aquanta explores the many different ways that we can improve subjects including pet and human wellness, ways to de-stress, skin and hair care, cutting-edge product development, and more. Contact Information: Andrew Lofts Lofts & Associates 559.561.0222

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