Agility Issues 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

KUWAIT – Apr. 26, 2016 – Agility, a leading global logistics provider, released “Deepening Impact,” a detailed report that showcases its commitment to ethical business conduct, employee rights, workplace safety, community investment and the environment in more than 100 countries where it operates. The report is Agility’s third comprehensive look at its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts. It was put together using the Sustainability Reporting Guidelines developed by the Global Reporting Initiative, an independent international organization that is the gold standard for reporting on corporate efforts to address climate change, human rights, anti-corruption initiatives and other issues. In 2015, EcoVadis, an independent group that analyzes CSR programs based on their environmental and social practices, put Agility in the top 16% of logistics and transportation providers. Agility has won 24 CSR and sustainability awards in recent years. Agility’s 2016 report highlights achievements in: Sustainability Major reduction of carbon emissions, cost and time in supply chains of large, global customers, including an oil major, sports apparel giant and leading telecom provider. Free carbon reporting for customers. Greening of Agility operations through reduction of electricity use and packaging waste; internal CO2 reporting; sustainable construction and upgrades to warehouses and logistics facilities; ISO 14001 certification; and employee awareness. Since 2010, Agility has cut emissions by 10% through these initiatives. Disaster Relief Response to more than 40 natural disasters around the world in support of humanitarian partners. Logistics support in the aftermath of emergencies in Bangladesh, Chile, China, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Libya, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Samoa, South Sudan and the United States. Community Involvement A decade of investments in nearly 1,400 community projects that have reached more than 1 million people in 80 countries. Community contributions with a strong focus on education. The report offers details on construction of six preschools in Cambodia serving 400 children a year; an Afghan school (200 children/year); a school in Indonesia (200 children/year); a trade school in India offering night classes (600 young people to date); secondary school scholarships in Ghana for 100 girls a year; and mentoring for more than 1,500 young people in Kuwait through a global youth empowerment program. Details on volunteer efforts by Agility’s 22,000-strong global workforce. More than 20% of Agility employees volunteer in CSR activities each year. Fair, Diverse, Safe, Healthy Workplaces An in-depth look at Agility’s fair labor program, which focuses on addressing human rights challenges in the supply chain, particularly migrant worker rights in high-risk regions. Since 2011, Agility has trained nearly 7,000 workers in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa in the company’s fair labor principles. Its training program will continue to roll out through 2016. A snapshot of Agility’s highly diverse workforce. Eighty percent of employees are based in emerging markets. Agility employs more than 120 nationalities, and the vast majority of management is “local” in every country in which it operates. A quarter of the Agility workforce is female (30% of management positions are held by women). An overview of Agility’s global health and safety program, based on the best practices of award-winning HSE programs developed by its Agility Chemicals and Agility Project Logistics businesses. The program has reduced workplace injury rates by more than 80%. Agility’s recordable injury rates and lost work day incidents rates are among the lowest in the industry. Ethics Agility’s Code of Business Conduct and other key initiatives, such as its voluntary commitments to the World Economic Forum’s Partnership Against Corruption Initiative. Agility employees have taken more than 82,000 mandatory ethics courses over the last three years. Monitoring and enforcement mechanisms that give Agility employees the opportunity to report ethical concerns in person, by email, or through an anonymous hotline answered by an independent third-party company. “We’re proud of what we’ve achieved, and we look forward to doing more,” said Agility CEO Tarek Sultan. “All of the initiatives we’ve undertaken to better our company and our communities can be advanced. I’m particularly proud of our employee volunteers, who’ve had an enormous impact on communities around the world.” Looking Ahead Agility plans to expand its global subcontractor management program, which includes standards for ethics, environmental responsibility and fair labor practices. In health and safety, it is working to provide better tools and encourage change designed to bring about improvement at the local level. Agility also will expand its human rights and fair labor program by training additional workers and auditing its local operations in Africa and Asia. On the environmental front, the company hopes to improve data and data collection about resource consumption and emissions from its operations. It will work with carriers, vendors, customers, NGOs and industry groups to further reduce emissions and other impact on the environment. Agility remains committed to the work it does in response to natural disasters and other catastrophes. It has pledged to continue working with international institutions, relief groups and industry partners to better prepare for disasters and provide humanitarian assistance in their aftermath. Community projects, driven by Agility volunteers around the world, will continue to emphasize initiatives aimed at education, training and health for girls and women, especially in Africa.

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