“FIRE HEAD” The Birth of a New Iconic Design by S.T.Dupont

In 1952, S.T.Dupont caused a stir with the launch of its first gas lighter. The “Ligne 1” model was the first to feature the Diamond Head pattern, a four-faceted design which was soon to become an integral part of the French House’s image. In 2016, S.T.Dupont reinterprets this iconic design with “Fire Head “ and once again pays tribute to fire by drawing inspiration from its universal symbol: the triangle. Made of 6 triangular facets, the “Fire Head” pattern is velvety to the touch, contrasting superbly with its geometrical precision. “FIRE HEAD”: A SUPERB EXPRESSION OF THE EXPERTISE OF FINE-METALWORKERS AND TRUNK-MAKERS 'Fire Head” demonstrates the exceptional expertise of S.T.Dupont. Master Craftsmen and Master Trunk-makers delicately and lovingly fashion metals and leathers with ever-greater precision and skill, giving life to a design which is both infinitely complex and profoundly beautiful. “FIRE HEAD”: A NEW FEAT OF CRAFTSMANSHIP BY S.T.DUPONT Each lighter and writing instrument in the “Fire Head” collection takes twice as long to craft in comparison to other guilloche work present on S.T.Dupont products. With the supreme precision of guilloche work on the facets, extremely delicate engraving, polishing and plating with precious metals, it takes several months of meticulous work and uncompromising standards for each piece to attain its final splendour. FIRE HEAD LIGHTERS AND ACCESSORIES Based on the “Ligne 2” model, Fire Head lighters are available in two attractive versions: the first entirely engraved with guilloche work, then plated in yellow gold or palladium. The second combines the work of a Master Goldsmith and Master Lacquerer. Fire Head accessories, fully plated in palladium, highlight the new six-triangle motif. FIRE HEAD WRITING INSTRUMENTS Based on the “Line D” model, Fire head writing instruments are available in two finishes: the first is a tribute to fine metalwork. The second offers subtle contrasts between black Chinese lacquer and guilloche-work. Each version is available as a ballpoint, rollerball or fountain pen. LIBERTÉ FIREHEAD WRITING INSTRUMENTS The “Fire Head' writing instrument based on the “Liberté” model embodies the elegant and understated union of fine metalwork with the new guilloche motif and pearly blue lacquer. It is available as a ballpoint or rollerball. FIRE HEAD LEATHER GOODS: A UNION OF SENSUALITY AND HIGH PRECISION HAND MADE EMBOSSING The expertise of S.T.Dupont’s Master Trunk-makers has been passed on down the years to the present time, with an indispensable touch of modernity which allows them to constantly raise standards to new heights. “Fire Head” leather is embossed with extreme care. This operation is carried out by hand and requires a thorough knowledge of factors relating to heat, pressure and timing. FIRE HEAD SMALL LEATHER GOODS: INNOVATION WITH RFID TECHYNOLOGY The “Fire Head” credit card holder features leather embossed with the new pattern. Its soft leather conceals RFID protection technology integrated in the lining of the vents to protect personal data contained from any risk of wireless identity theft. It is available in four colours: deep black, midnight blue, intense green and ebony brown. The zippered long wallet with RFID protection, the pen and lighter cases in deep black embossed leather, complete the “Fire Head” line of small leather goods. FIRE HEAD BELTS The “Line D Business” belt in black/brown leather draws a parallel between the skills of fine metalworking and trunk-making on two specific buckle designs. The 'Line D” belt features superb leather straps hand embossed with the new six triangle pattern. It is available in four colours: deep black, midnight blue, intense green and ebony brown. With this new collection and innovative pattern rooted in the House’s exceptional expertise, S.T.Dupont demonstrates that tradition and modernity can coexist. The “Fire Head” line combines the ancient techniques of guillochage, lacquering, engraving and leather embossing with cutting edge technologies to offer discerning connoisseurs a perfect fusion of the best of both worlds.

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